Use this form to order either a certified or uncertified version of a vessel’s transcript. If you order a certified transcript and would like a hard copy of the transcript to be mailed to you free of charge, please enter your mailing address in the field below.


  1. Online transcript orders are not available for vessels registered in the Small Vessel Register.
  2. Mortgages or Assignments are not permitted in the Small Vessel Register.
  3. An uncertified transcript does not reflect pending transactions the Vessel Registration Office may have received but has not yet processed.
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Registration Type: Transcript

Price: $150.00 CAD

! Please note that an uncertified transcript is for general information only. If the transcript is required for legal, financial or other official purposes, a certified transcript should be ordered. A registry officer at the Vessel Registration Office of Transport Canada certifies that the information found in a certified transcript is true.

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$ 150 CAD
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