You can close the registry of the vessel and have it removed from the Canadian Register of Vessels. Typically, a vessel’s registry may be closed if you would rather get a pleasure craft license, if the vessel is sold to a foreign buyer or if the vessel is lost, wrecked or removed from service.

Please note that only vessels free of mortgages can be closed voluntarily. When a vessel’s registration is closed, its name becomes available for others to use.

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Please provide reason for closing of the vessel's registration. Additional documents may need to be provided.

You will need to provide a copy of the bill of sale to the foreign buyer. Please email us a scanned copy of the bill of sale to or use our downloader feature.

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Deletion Certificate

A deletion certificate is optional. You may close a vessel's registration without obtaining a certificate of deletion of the registration. However, you may want to get a deletion certificate for your records. If you sell the vessel to a foreign buyer, they may need a deletion certificate in order to register the vessel outside of Canada.

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Registration Type: Deletion/Closing of Registration

Price: $50.00 CAD

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$ 50 CAD
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