Every pleasure craft in Canada with a motor stronger than 10 horse power (7.5 kW) must have a Pleasure Craft Licence, unless the owner decides to register the vessel instead. Vast majority of recreational boats in Canada is licensed.

While licensing your boat does not give you proof of ownership, it enables search and rescue personnel to be able to identify the vessel owners in case of an emergency. Operation of an unlicensed pleasure craft is a violation of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001.

Please complete this form and we will take care of licensing your boat for you. You will need to either email us or use the upload feature to provide the following documents in JPG, PNG, TIFF or PDF format:

  • Signed and dated copy of the bill of sale;
  • Owner’s government-issued identification (birth certificate; citizenship certificate, passport or driver’s licence), and
  • One current full side-view colour photograph of the pleasure craft.

Please note that completion of the form constitutes your consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of the information provided herein by Transport Canada, subject to certain exemptions and exceptions as per the Privacy Act. By providing your personal information, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this statement and consent to the Department’s collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

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